Some injuries heal. They can be painful, make life challenging for a while, and be the basis of a personal injury claim for compensation, but ultimately some injuries do get better, and life can go on largely unchanged.

Some injuries don’t heal, however. Some injuries change lives forever.

Catastrophic injuries can turn lives upside-down and leave whole families devastated. When someone suffers a life-altering injury, they may never be the same person they were before. They may require expensive and never-ending medical care and treatment. They may never be able to work and support their family. They may never be able to walk, leave their home, or play with their children ever again.

As catastrophic injury lawyers, we have seen first-hand what these kinds of injuries can do to victims and their loved ones, and we know how much they need the resources to move forward after such a tragedy.

At Mark B. Gore, P.C., we provide compassionate support and skilled representation for individuals in Washington, D.C. and throughout Northern Virginia who are dealing with catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.

Astronomical Costs and a Lifetime of Challenges

Catastrophic injuries can happen to anyone at almost any time and include:

• Spinal cord injuries

• Brain injuries

• Severe burns

• Dismembered or amputated limbs​

The costs of emergency medical treatment, lengthy hospital stays, long-term care, rehabilitation services, and other expenses involved in making life livable after a catastrophic injury can be astronomical. What medical bills don’t show is the pain, the practical challenges, and the impact on a victim and their family from losing the life that once was.​

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When someone else is responsible for a catastrophic injury, we hold them accountable. We aggressively pursue compensation for our clients, helping them get the assistance and resources that can give them some much need comfort, ease their burdens, and bring them a sense of justice.

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